Due to the contamination of the water sources supplied by the municipality for domestic use, the community is seeking an alliance to carry out studies to identify water sources in the forest. Some springs have been located and this can be connected to the municipal tank for better storage. Because this water is clean and supposed to be of good quality, it could be used for domestic purposes, including drinking. The water that comes from the spring is always emerging in the forest, it is clean and therefore better than the water they are currently using from the river. The water that the community is currently using in their homes from the rivers could be used for agriculture and no longer for domestic purposes. For the ongoing project where they have identified springs as a better source of drinking water, they need assistance with more efficient ways (for example, using new technology) of identifying unknown water resources within the forest and also being able to determine soil and water quality. This will allow the community to have access to safe drinking water.

Problem Definition
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Success criteria
Have the necessary equipment to continue research and more or new technologies such as special sensors that will aid the research of finding more sources with good water quality. Soil and water quality is monitored within the communal land. Open and free access to digital images that would provide assistance for discovering more water sources such as springs.
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