Water Resource Management

"Water Resource Management encompasses the whole set of technical, institutional, managerial, legal, operational actions acquired to plan, develop, operate and manage water resources. Water Resources Management can be considered as a process including all activities of planning, design, construction and operation of water resources systems. Water Resources Management integrates by definition all aspects and functions related to water" Savenij (1996, p. 1).

Water Resource Management is need now more than ever. Today, there are many challenges facing water resources. The global population is growing fast, and estimates show that with current practices, the world will face a 40% shortfall between forecast demand and available supply of water by 2030. Furthermore, chronic water scarcity, hydrological uncertainty, and extreme weather events (floods and droughts) are perceived as some of the biggest threats to global prosperity and stability.

To strengthen water security against this backdrop of increasing demand, water scarcity, growing uncertainty, greater extremes, and fragmentation challenges, institutional strengthening, information management, and (natural and man-made) infrastructure development is needed. Institutional tools such as legal and regulatory frameworks, water pricing, and incentives are needed to better allocate, regulate, and conserve water resources. Information systems are needed for resource monitoring, decision making under uncertainty, systems analyses, and hydro-meteorological forecast and warning. Investments in innovative technologies for enhancing productivity, conserving and protecting resources, recycling storm water and wastewater, and developing non-conventional water sources should be explored in addition to seeking opportunities for enhanced water storage, including aquifer recharge and recovery. All of these innovations come under Water Resource Management. Ensuring the rapid dissemination and appropriate adaptation or application of these advances will be a key to strengthening global water security. (The World Bank 2017)


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