Dr Khalid Mahmood

Assistant Professor in the Department of Space Science at University of the Punjab

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University of the Punjab
Department of Space Science


Dr. Khalid Mahmood has been serving at University of the Punjab since April 2009. Apart from teaching responsibilities, he has developed himself as a researcher in the field of Earth observation sciences and Geographic Information System (GIS) development. In addition to his responsibilities as a University Professor he is serving as Principal Investigator from Pakistan side for an international collaboration and exchange program project entitled Pak-Turk Researchers’ Mobility grant program and Co-Principal Investigator for Remote Sensing, GIS and Climate Research Lab (RSGCRL), National Centre for GIS and Space Applications. 

Acknowledging his research contribution, he has been recognized as productive Scientist of Pakistan by Ministry of Science and Technology. He specializes in the use of geospatial technologies for hazard assessment, spatial patterns identification of environmental variables and environmental pollution monitoring. His research domain includes groundwater modelling and quality assessment, surface water quality, atmospheric pollution, climate change, environmental indices, rainwater harvesting, vegetation health etc. The research work has been focused on development of economical and simplified geospatial techniques for proper allocation of resources in the developing world. 

Certainly, the crux of his existing skills and research is to devise new, innovative methods keeping in view local evidence and scenarios, where less intensive inputs (i.e., data that can be prepared or accessed easily) are required to model the reality and enhance the simplicity of these procedures. He has established effective use of freely available remotely sensed satellite data as an economical alternative of costly in situ measurements to support  decision making and strategic planning for the sustainability of environment and living standards. 

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