Local Perspectives & Case Studies

The aim of the local perspectives and case studies feature is to learn about gaps in water resource management from affected individuals, communities, civil society, professionals, researchers or organisations in the field to identify needs or potential solutions that space technologies could contribute to.

Because of the very diverse nature of water-related problems, the Office has decided to collect information in different thematic calls, which address a specific target groups at a time. The ultimate purpose is to collect and synthesize these needs (in the form of perspectives expressed by civil society, or case studies) and to explore ways of matchmaking needs and solutions to inspire stakeholders of the Space4Water Portal to apply existing or develop new solutions to the problems addressed.

Local Perspectives address a specific water resource management or ecological issue in a certain locality. Local Perspectives will be collected, screened, and categorised by UNOOSA. Depending on the target audience of the call, some of the collected perspectives (detailed and clear descriptions / case studies with technical parameters to be provided) will be publicly shared on the Space4Water Portal so that solution providers can learn about user needs, others will be collected and published in a curated format, maybe with more user interaction possibilities than a traditional case study.

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