Samuel Akande

Lecturer and Researcher at the Federal University of Technology Akure

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Centre for Space Research and Application (CESRA)
Federal University Of Technology
Akure, Ondo 340110


I am a Senior Scientific Officer with both teaching and research experience in industries, organizations and research-based institutions. Over the years, I have acquired various skills which include image processing, time series analysis, spatial analysis, cartography, database management/maintenance, among several others. I use ArcGIS, QGIS, SWAT, ENVI, SNAP, IDL, Python, NCL, Ferret & R for ocean and climate models, analyses etc., with particular emphasis on open source libraries and extensions.

Working with high-level stakeholders (such as the World Bank, ACMAD, GCRF-African SWIFT, and IITA) ensures that my research focuses on the most relevant extremes, i.e. those that pose the largest social risks. I have over 25 peer-reviewed papers to my credit, including some in conference proceedings, and I am currently working on the IPCC Assessment Report and many book chapters.

"Coastal Vulnerability Assessments and Adaptation to Climate Change and Extreme Events along the Gulf of Guinea," my dissertation research, provides some answers to the challenges of coastal hazards in West Africa. The study concept evolved into the EARWAC Dashboard ( with the funding from the European Space Agency (ESA) and Future Earth, as well as SixthAvis Ltd, Nigeria. The EARWAC is a web-based visualization tool that currently combines Earth Observation data and local indicators to produce detailed maps and analytical charts on coastal flood vulnerability index, flash flood (historical and projected), land cover, and at-risk populations at various administrative zones.