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CEO and Founder of RTI

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Dr. Alain Gachet who is President and Founder of Radar Technologies International, has 35 years’ experience in the oil and mine industry.

Since the creation of Radar Technologies International in January 1999, Dr.Gachet became a recognized international expert for natural resources exploration, combining remote sensing and oil exploration technologies.

As the inventor of the WATEX system for deep groundwater exploration, and at the request of international organizations, he was able to detect giant aquifers containing several hundred billion m3 of water in African deserts since 2004.

These aquifers are a major economic and human asset for the future, because they are one hundred times more abundant than all surface water contained in rivers and lakes.

Several deep aquifers were confirmed by drilling with a success rate of 90% to more than 700m depth in several countries in Africa and the Middle-East.

Water is a natural resource and a key strategic challenge and asset to avert water scarcity, food insecurity, migration and adversarial activity, for the stabilization and reconstruction of all countries destroyed by conflict and by the consequences of climate change, in a context where the surface water is regressing worldwide and seriously polluted.

Radar Technologies International by its founder Alain Gachet detains a unique expertise in the world able to save part of our planet, to improve the life of many people and prevent many latent territorial disputes.

37 years records

The following projects have been successfully achieved since 1999:

  • Darfur-Sudan for 3 million displaced persons in camps.( USAID, USGS) using our radar package called WATEX from 2006 to 2008;
  • Discovery of groundwater in Eastern Chad 2004and 2010 for 250 000 refugees of Sudan (UNHCR);
  • Discovery of groundwater in South West Angola 2009 (American NGO, JAM) for post conflict reconstruction of 150 schools and hospitals;
  • Refugee operations in Afghanistan 2008 (USAID, USGS);
  • Major Groundwater discovery in Ogaden, Ethiopia (USGS, USAID, IRC);
  • Major Groundwater discovery in Turkana, North Kenya (UNESCO);
  • Mapping of the deep potential of all Iraq: more than 70 deep unknown aquifers ready to be drilled (UE, UNESCO);
  • Mapping deep water potential of Costa Rica (USGS, Costa Rica Government);
  • Mapping deep water of Southern Niger (MCC, MCA-Niger, USGS);

His work culminated in the award of the Legion of Honor, the highest reward in France.

In the US, he was elected in the “Hall of Fame” by the NASA and the Space Foundation in 2016 for using modern space technologies for the progress of humanity.


Personal Information

Last name :                  GACHET

First name :                  Alain

Address :                      8 place Cremieux

                                     Tarascon, 13150 FRANCE.


Advanced studies :

Master in Nuclear Physics and Quantum Mechanics.

Grandes Ecoles Françaises : graduated from Ecole des Mines, in geology and geophysics.

CEE International Radar Expert

Correspondent of ICDRM (Institute of Crisis and Disaster Management) Georges Washington University.


Recognized as Game Changer in Shell research Center in Holland.

Implementing Partner of UN in Iraq, Kenya, Ethiopia and Chad.

President of Radar Technologies International-RTI, a privately owned company (capital of 2 Million Euros).

Awarded Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur by the French Republic in 2015

Elected in the “Hall of Fame” by the NASA and the Space Foundation in 2016 for using modern space technologies for the progress of humanity.