Malek Abdulfailat

Founder and CEO at EuroMed Alliances for Consultancies and Capacity Development

PhD Candidate at Hebrew University in Jerusalem

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Al-Salam St.
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Malek Abdulfailat is a practitioner, researcher, entrepreneur, and consultant in the field of Water, and Sanitation, Hygiene (WASH). He received his MSc. degree in Water and Environmental Sciences from Birzeit University. Since then Mr. Abualfailat has served in leading technical positions in various projects in the areas of infrastructure development, including water, wastewater, and solid waste management, and has worked on various tasks in relation to institutional capacity building and policy advisory support.

Mr. Abualfailat has experience in establishing start-ups for entrepreneurs as he was leading the Innovation and Entrepreneur Council for the US Consulate General in Jerusalem.  He also has many years of experience in private sector development related to higher education institutions, specifically in establishing new SMEs in the WASH sector. This experience provides understanding the interests of planners and developers in contributing to economic growth, while considering the potential for sustainable development.

During his experiences he has succeeded in building good relationships with universities, colleges, and research institutions conducting research related to groundwater, sanitation, and water governance.

Throughout his career, Mr. Abualfailat has also managed to build a strong network with a wide range of actors in the field of water, sanitation, and climate change, including: public institutions, civil society organizations, private sector, academia and the international community, through working for various donor-projects including USAID, GIZ, World Bank, SIDA and Canadian Aid.

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