WaterGAP Global Hydrological Model (WGHM)

“WaterGAP Global Hydrological  Model computes calculates time series of surface and subsurface runoff, groundwater recharge, and river flows along with water storage variations in canopy, snow, soil, groundwater, rivers, lakes, and wetlands.” (Masood et al., 2022)


Masood, A., Tariq, M.A.U.R., Hashmi, M.Z.U.R., Waseem, M., Sarwar, M.K., Ali, W., Farooq, R., Almazroui, M., and Ng, A.W.M. “An Overview of Groundwater Monitoring through Point-to Satellite-Based Techniques”. Water, 14, (2022): 565. https://doi.org/10.3390/w14040565