"The controlled application of water to arable lands to supply crop water requirements not satised by rainfall." (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, n.y.)


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. "A Glossary  of Water-Related Terms", by Brian Benham. Publication 442-759

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Capacity Building and Training Material

Irrigation Estimates from Remote Sensing and Land Surface Modelling

Irrigation is the most impacting anthropogenic activity on the hydrological cycle.
Despite this, the knowledge of irrigated areas and the amounts of water used for such purpose is limited.

Models and remote sensing technologies proved to be useful tools for monitoring irrigation dynamics.

This presentation provides a comparison between two different approaches (one satellite-based and one model-based) aimed at estimating irrigation quantities developed within the European Space Agency (ESA) Irrigation+ project.

Water Productivity and Water Accounting using WaPOR Capacity Building and Training Material

Water Productivity and Water Accounting using WaPOR

Water Productivity and Water Accounting using WaPOR (the portal to monitor Water Productivity through Open-access of Remotely sensed derived data) is an open online course targeting practitioners and academicians who are working in water resources management and related fields and have interest in applying open access remote sensing data and other open data to assess the water resources situation and water productivity and the extent to which water productivity increases have an effect on different water users in a river basin context.


Mapping and Monitoring Irrigated Agriculture from Space

Irrigation illustrates a major dilemma of agriculture: On the one hand, a growing world population demands more food and biomass (for example for energy production). On the other hand, natural resources such as water are only available in limited quantities and excessive use often leads to the degradation of ecosystems, which in turn has adverse effects on agricultural production and local livelihoods.