Ground Water Potential Zones (GWPZ)

"The delineation of a certain area into groundwater prospect zones depending on hydrogeological features."  (Raju et al. 2019)


Raju, R. Siddi, G. Sudarsana Raju, and M. Rajasekhar. "Identification of groundwater potential zones in Mandavi River basin, Andhra Pradesh, India using remote sensing, GIS and MIF techniques." HydroResearch 2 (2019): 1-11.

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Global groundwater supplies

Groundwater accounts for 30% of Earth’s freshwater resources (Shiklomanov 1993) (Figure 1) and is estimated to globally provide 36% of potable water, 42% of irrigation water, and 24% of industrial water – indicating its significant value (Global Environment Facility 2021). Groundwater affords a host of benefits, from providing better protection against drought and microbiological contamination than surface waters, to being generally low cost and accessible to many users.