Baseline water stress

"Baseline water stress measures the ratio of total water withdrawals to available renewable surface and groundwater supplies. Water withdrawals include domestic, industrial, irrigation, and livestock consumptive and nonconsumptive uses. Available renewable water supplies include the impact of upstream consumptive water users and large dams on downstream water availability. Higher values indicate more competition among users" (Hofste et. al, 2019).


Hofste,  Rutger W.; Kuzma, Samantha; Winkler, Sara; Sutanudjaja, Edwin H.; Bierkens, Marc F.P.; Kuijper, Marijn J.M.; Sanchez; Marta Faneca; Van Beek, Rens; Wada, Yoshihide; Rodriguez, Sandra Galvis;Reig, Paul; 2019. Aqueduct 2.0: Updated Decision-relevant global water risk indicators. World Resources Institute.