Training Platform

A platform on which several training courses are published, or several types of training material is made available online.

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Capacity Building and Training Material

GEOGloWS Training Platform Capacity Building and Training Material

GEOGloWS Training Platform

The GEOGloWS initiative consolidates elements of freshwater activities in GEO. It ensures that strong coordination and commitment are in place for links among data, information, knowledge, applications, and policy. From research to implementation, GEOGloWS provides the demonstration grounds for user-driven solutions to address water issues.

Water Accounting + Online Training Capacity Building and Training Material

Water Accounting + Online Training

Water accounting is the process of communicating water resources related information and the services generated from consumptive use in a geographical domain, such as a river basin, a country or a land use class; to users such as policy makers, water authorities, managers, etc.

The training platform includes links to freely available online training and exercises on water accounting, as well as a webinar series by ADB, IHE Delft, and recordings of relevant presentations in various languages.

Afri Alliance Knowledge Hub Capacity Building and Training Material

Afri Alliance Knowledge Hub

The AfriAlliance project aims to better prepare Africa for future climate change challenges by having African and European stakeholders work together in the areas of water innovation, research, policy, and capacity development. Rather than creating new networks, the 16 EU and African partners in this project are consolidating existing ones, consisting of scientists, decision makers, practitioners, citizens, and other key stakeholders, into an effective, problem-focused knowledge sharing mechanism.

OpenCourseWare at IHE Delft Capacity Building and Training Material

OpenCourseWare at IHE Delft

Open and free educational resources to match water and education demand and IHE Delft's capacity to train professionals.

IHE Delft offers high-quality online courses in an increasing number of topics of interest in the water sector. The innovative delivery format makes learning exciting, flexible, interactive and effective.

Water Exploration: Remote Sensing Approaches Capacity Building and Training Material

Water Exploration: Remote Sensing Approaches

The 250 million people who live in the Afro-Asian dryland belt face water shortage for their entire lives. Hundreds of millions more in less drought-prone regions have to cope repeatedly with reduced supplies. Resolving the shortage of domestic water supplies in arid and semi-arid lands largely focuses on groundwater resources and efficient capture of available surface water, preferably by recharging underground resources. The key lies in accurate and informative geological maps. Yet most areas of need have never been geologically mapped at scales better than 1:250,000.

EUMeTrain Capacity Building and Training Material


EUMeTrain is an international project, founded and financially sponsored by EUMETSAT, and dedicated to the development of satellite meteorology training resources and training methods.