Iron Oxide Ratio

"The iron oxide ratio is a ratio of the red and blue wavelengths. The presence of limonitic-bearing phyllosilicates and limonitic iron oxide alteration cause absorption in blue band and reflectance in red band. This causes areas with strong iron alteration to be bright. The nature of the ratio allows this index to mitigate illumination differences caused by terrain shadowing.

Iron Oxide Ratio = Red / Blue

    Red = pixel values from the red band
    Blue = pixel values from the blue band

Reference: Segal, D. "Theoretical Basis for Differentiation of Ferric-Iron Bearing Minerals, Using Landsat MSS Data." Proceedings of Symposium for Remote Sensing of Environment, 2nd Thematic Conference on Remote Sensing for Exploratory Geology, Fort Worth, TX (1982): pp. 949-951." (ESRI, 2018)                     


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