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Av. dos Astronautas, 1758 - Jardim da Granja
São José dos Campos-SP

About National Institute for Space Research

Strategic objectives

  1. Expand and consolidate skills in science, technology and innovation in the areas of space and the terrestrial environment to respond to national challenges.
  2. Develop, on a global scale, scientific and technological leadership in the areas of space and the terrestrial environment, emphasizing Brazilian specificities.
  3. Expand and consolidate skills in weather and climate forecasting and global environmental changes.
  4. Consolidate INPE's performance as a unique institution in the development of satellites and space technologies.
  5. Promote a space policy for industry to meet the needs for the development of space services, technologies and systems.
  6. Strengthen INPE's institutional relationship at national and international levels.
  7. Provide adequate infrastructure for scientific and technological development.
  8. Establish a human resources policy for INPE, based on the strategic management of skills and people.
  9. Identify and implement a managerial and institutional model, appropriate to the specificities and challenges presented to INPE.
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