Oil pollution

"Contamination of any ecosystem, but usually of freshwater or marine ecosystems, by oil or other petroleum products." (EEA, 2022)


European Environmental Agency (EEA). "Water Glossary". Water and Marine Environment. (2022). Link: https://www.eea.europa.eu/themes/water/glossary

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Oil Spill Detection System in the Arabian Gulf Region: An Azure Machine-Learning Approach

Locating oil spills is a crucial portion of an effective marine contamination administration. In this project, we address the issue of oil spillage location exposure within the Arabian Gulf region, by leveraging a Machine-Learning (ML) workflow on a cloud-based computing platform: Microsoft Azure Machine-Learning Service (Custom Vision). Our workflow comprises a virtual machine, a database, and four modules (an Information Collection Module, a Discovery Show, an Application Module, and a Choice Module).