Big Data for Water Resources Management

"Big data as its name implies is unstructured data that is very big, fast, hard and comes in many forms. Though the applications of big data was confined to information technology before 21 st technology, now it is of emerging area in almost all engineering specializations. But for water managers/engineers, big data is showing big promise in many water related applications such as planning optimum water systems, detecting ecosystem changes through big remote sensing and geographical information system, forecasting/predicting/detecting natural and manmade calamities, scheduling irrigations, mitigating environmental pollution, studying climate change impacts etc." (Adamala, 2017)

Big data is used as the proverbial raw material that water researchers and water managers use to derive models, look for trends and train artificial intelligence (AI). It is necessary for making predictive tools about water.


Adamala, S.  "An Overview of Big Data Applications in Water Resources Engineering". Machine Learning Research, 2 (1), (2017): 10-18. 10. Link:…

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