Interoperability is the ability of equipment and systems from different vendors to operate together.” (Vasseur, 2010)


Vasseur, J. P., & Dunkels, A. (2010). What are smart objects. Interconnecting Smart Objects with IP. The Next Internet, 3-20.

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Why geospatial standards matter: Benefits and challenges of EO data standardization

Even 115 years later, the Great Baltimore Fire—which burned down much of the city of Baltimore in the United States—still carries important lessons in standardization. Firefighters from hundreds of kilometres away were sent to assist in putting out the fire, but they could do little to help because their hose couplings did not fit Baltimore’s fire hydrants – meaning, the fire hoses were not standardized. The lack of standardization turned hundreds of firefighters into spectators as the city burned (OGC, ISO & IH, 2018, p.