Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI)

"The enhanced vegetation index (EVI) was developed to optimize the vegetation signal with improved sensitivity in high biomass regions and improved vegetation monitoring through a de-coupling of the canopy background signal and a reduction in atmosphere influences. The equation takes the form:

EVI = Gρ(NIR) - ρ(red) + C1x ρ(red) - C2 x ρ(blue) + L

where ρ are atmospherically corrected or partially atmosphere corrected (Rayleigh and ozone absorption) surface reflectances, L is the canopy background adjustment that addresses nonlinear, differential NIR and red radiant transfer through a canopy, and C1, C2 are the coefficients of the aerosol resistance term, which uses the blue band to correct for aerosol influences in the red band." (Huete et al., 2002)


Huete A., Didan K., Miura T., Rodriguez E.P., Gao X. and Ferreira L.G. "Overview of the radiometric and biophysical performance of the MODIS vegetation indices". Remote Sensing of Environment 83, no. 1-2 (2002): 195-213.