Basal Roughness

"How rough the surface that a glacier rests on. Knowing this value helps constrain the motion model of glaciers." (Rippin et al 2011)


Rippin, D. M., David G. Vaughan, and Hugh FJ Corr. "The basal roughness of Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica." Journal of Glaciology 57, no. 201 (2011): 67-76.

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Space-Based Radioglaciology: Refining Climate Models and Monitoring Ice

About 40% of the World’s population lives within 100 km of the coast (United Nations 2017).  Sea levels are on the rise around the World and the trend is accelerating every year. The UN, countless international organizations and national agencies are working hard every year to support the efforts of climate scientists to accurately model our changing climate. The role of ice in shaping the Earth’s seas is indisputable. As continental ice melts and as ice sheets break off from continental shelves and fall into the sea, more and more coastal communities are threatened.