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About Geospatial Big Data

GBDX is a cloud-based computing platform that provides access to DigitalGlobe's best-in-class 19-year archive of very high resolution satellite imagery. This platform allows you to create and run algorithms created by you, your company, or publicly-released algorithms on a single image or on imagery over an entire continent/the globe. GBDX enables a community of geospatial users to work together on some of the world's most challenging problems and focus on how machine learning and AI can help solve them.

Through leveraging very-high resolution imagery available from DigitalGlobe as well as free imagery sources such as Landsat and Sentinel, users have the freedom and power to use these data sources to provide analysis and insight to help track the effectiveness of policy on a specific SDG, or provide baseline data upon which policy can be enacted. The data is provided so users can choose which application or SDG they would like to pursue. For instance you can use satellite imagery to map the water level of reservoirs over time, or map new development and agriculture close to already-stressed water sources as an indicator that more water will be used in the future.

You can gain free access to GBDX at the Community Tier, which provides programmatic access to Ikonos, Landsat and Sentinel-2 imagery here. From this tier you can experiment searching the catalog of imagery and running processes such as spectral indices. This also provides access to the GitHub community where you can communicate with other GBDX users to share concepts and ideas. Migrating from the Community tier to the Notebooks and then GBDX Starter tier where you can order imagery, run and deploy tasks, and have significantly increased storage is an easy process.

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