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About EarthWatch

An EarthWatch™ subscription gives you instant access to the best of DigitalGlobe satellite imagery and geospatial data. And you don’t have to be an imagery expert or have in-house tools; EarthWatch is designed to make imagery accessible to anyone who needs it, whether you’re concerned with a specific area or the entire globe. With EarthWatch, stream and download industry-leading geospatial information in a single, powerful solution. Across a variety of industries, including location-based services, civil governments, and energy, EarthWatch is a key component of geospatial workflows.

Satellite imagery is an incredible way to stay aware of changes occurring on the surface of the Earth, and EarthWatch provides the easiest way to access this imagery. EarthWatch allows users to view any location on Earth and see the most recent images collected by DigitalGlobe over that location. Boasting a 19-year imagery archive, EarthWatch enables access to the deepest temporal stack of high resolution imagery available on the planet. This high-speed and simple access of imagery is trusted by governments around the world, along with research institutions, private entities and non-governmental agencies alike. With tiered pricing developed in a manner to only having users pay for the data they need, EarthWatch allows unprecedented access to information about our changing planet. This can be used to monitor above-ground water resources, new urban development and pollution mitigation projects all within the same tool. This imagery can help to provide insight and date used to fulfill all of the SDG's, depending on your approach and project-goal.

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