Valdilene Silva Siqueira

Master Student in Sustainable Territorial Development (Padova University, KU Leuven, Paris 1 University - Pantheon Sorbonne)

Articles and Interviews



Valdilene Siqueira is an environmental engineer with 4 years of experience in rural WASH projects in the public sector in Brazil. She supported the development of the Brazilian National Sanitation Program (PNSR) by conducting interviews and focus groups in rural areas in Brazil. She also worked together with the national government to foster rural WASH initiatives in the country. Furthermore, she supported Brazilian towns in elaborating their water supply, sanitation, and solid waste services plan.

Valdilene is currently pursuing an Erasmus Mundus master’s degree in Sustainable Territorial Development, in Europe. She believes that ensuring sustainable water resource management is one of the keys to achieving a fairer world. Her experience in the public sector highlighted that data scarcity represents a challenge to manage this precious resource efficiently, especially in less developed regions. Her career goal is thus to contribute to support different stakeholders to overcome this gap and integrate reliable data and information on water resource into their decision-making processes.