Water-ForCE is organising a community virtual workshop of experts in calibration and validation of Remote Sensing Products. This workshop is invitation-only and requires registration. The precise timing of the session slots (2-3 hours each) will be communicated once we have filled all programme slots. Each session will nevertheless take place in the early afternoon (no earlier than 1pm Central European Time) to allow speakers across the globe to join.

An opportunity to share your knowledge for the future of Copernicus products. While the requirements and solutions for satellite cal/val are similar between domains, the emphasis of this workshop lies on solutions that work in the (near)-terrestrial environment. The workshop combines hydrology and water quality themes for which in situ calibration and validation data are essential to ensure adequate product quality of the satellite-derived observations. The scope is on open water bodies (small and large) including river outlets, transitional waters, lakes and reservoirs, lagoons and coastal areas as well as some essential catchment properties (soil moisture, evapotranspiration). Experts on ice and snow cover are welcome to join although these will not be our primary focus.