An Operational Analysis Ready Radar Backscatter Dataset for the African Continent

Digital Earth Africa is now providing an operational Sentinel-1 normalized radar backscatter dataset for Africa. This is the first free and open continental scale analysis ready data of this kind that has been developed to be compliant with the CEOS Analysis Ready Data for Land (CARD4L) specification for normalized radar backscatter (NRB) products. Partnership with Sinergise, a European geospatial company and Earth observation data provider, has ensured this dataset is produced efficiently in the cloud infrastructure and can be sustained in the long term. The workflow applies radiometric terrain correction (RTC) to the Sentinel-1 ground range detected (GRD) product, using the Copernicus 30 m digital elevation model (DEM). The method is used to generate data for a range of sites around the world and has been validated as producing good results. This dataset over Africa is made available publicly as a AWS public dataset and can be accessed through the Digital Earth Africa platform and its Open Data Cube API. We expect this dataset to support a wide range of applications, including natural resource monitoring, agriculture, and land cover mapping across Africa.
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