Naledi Msiya is a young South African scientist who is highly invested in Science, Technology and the Water Resource Management industry. Due to her passion in the sciences, she pursued studies in the Science field and currently holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Water Management, which was obtained in 2021 and a BSc Degree in Hydrology and Geography, which was obtained in 2019.

As a student she was fascinated by the application of technologies in Water Resource Management, which included, amongst other things, remote sensing, GIS and programming and learnt invaluable lessons regarding the aforementioned programmes and how they could positively impact disadvantaged communities.

Based on the needs identified in respect of disadvantage communities, capacity building and WASH initiatives, Naledi gained a deep passion for community development and WASH and saw a gap and a need to be actively involved in community development research and to apply the lessons learnt as a student, while providing solutions which will uplift and bring positive change within vulnerable communities.

Naledi’s studies, interest and passions in the Sciences lead her to work for the Water Research Commission as a Research Intern which entailed being involved in conducting Water and Sanitation research in marginalised and developed communities in South Africa and exposed her to issues vulnerable communities face daily because of a lack of water supply, which taught her the importance and value of proper water resource management.  

As a Research Intern, Naledi learnt about the advantageous and convenient application of different technologies used to visualise, interpret and understand water resource availability, geographical data, conducting field work and partaking in community engagement, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Naledi is in the early stages of a career in the Water Management industry and therefore has a wish to gain in-depth experience to become a full-fledged professional. She has an unwavering vision and goal to further explore the application of space-based technologies and other relevant technologies in the Water Resource Management field, while positively contributing to the development of disadvantaged and advantaged communities worldwide.