The Meet a Young Professional feature of the Space4Water Portal is a unique opportunity for young professionals to be interviewed and share their views with a broad community of experts. Young Professionals ideally have both, a passion for space technologies and sustainable water resource management or hydrology. The feature is designed for highly qualified and motivated individuals who hold a graduate degree or are currently enrolled in a graduate degree, who are skilled in areas relevant to the space and environmental management sector or research thereof. These areas include space-based remote sensing, space technology spin offs, hydrology, water resource management, glacier monitoring, flood risk assessment or other of relevance, among many other. Young Professionals from developing countries and women are encouraged to apply.

If you would like to be considered for the next round of interviews with Young Professionals, share CV and your ideas on the below, and apply at office[at] (*).

  1. How can space contribute to water resource management, hydrology or any water related field?
  2. How does space technology contribute to water related aspects of the SDGs? Provide example(s) from your community and experience, preferably related, but not limited to SDG 6.
  3. How could these examples be built upon and expanded in the future?
  4. As a young professional, what do you feel is missing in the current scientific debate and management of water resources?

(*) [at] should be replaced with an @


  • You are between 18 to 35 inclusive (up to the day of your 36th birthday)
  • Graduate degree (Master’s degree (or equivalent), or PhD, or currently enrolled in it)
  • Specialization in a field relevant for the Space4Water Portal Community (Space science, remote sensing, Earth observation, geographic information systems, hydrology, water resource management, policy, environmental law, science diplomacy, etc. or a combination thereof)
  • Relevant professional experience or continued study at the doctoral level
  • Fluency in English

Additional Qualifications

To be competitive, applicants should additionally:

  • Display a commitment and passion for space technologies or sustainable development
  • Possess outstanding academic credentials
  • Experience in projects related to both space technologies and water management is an asset