The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs together with its donor, the Prince Sultan Abdulaziz International Prize for Water have jointly published an article called Cooperation in applying space technologies to water management, in the 7th edtion of A Better World.

A Better World was launched in support of the establishment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Since 2016, each volume in this series of publications is dedicated to celebrating progress of one of the 17 Goals. The publisher's mission is to widen the knowledge of people in vulnerable communities, giving them inspiration to better their lives in a sustainable way.

Collaboration across societal sectors has emerged as one of the defining concepts of international development in the 21st century. Partnership has thus become an essential paradigm in sustainable development. The 7th  Volume of the publication references international efforts towards achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals.

Space4Water is happy to announce that we are one of the successful partnerships published in this 7th edition of A Better World. In the article, the authors briefly address the challenges related to water that humanity is faced with and share background information about the about the Space4Water project and its success.