The first stakeholder meeting provided the Space4Water community with an opportunity to meet in person, get to know each other and discuss activities and expectations with regard to the project. The meeting hosted in October 2022 was held four years after the launch of the Space4Water Portal.

The  Space4Water  community  consists  of  five  stakeholder  groups,  namely, representatives  of  academia,  government,  intergovernmental  organizations,  the private sector and industry, and civil society. With a total of 87 stakeholders. The meeting was highly interactive, to allow members of the community  to  learn  about  each  other’s  experiences,  discuss  their  respective expectations and define future activities collaboratively.

The AC 105 Report on the First Space4Water Stakeholder Meeting was published and is accessible in the six official United Nations lanugages here. It describes the objectives of the successful event and provides details of attendance. It summarizes the presentations given, discussions held, conclusions reached, observations made and decisions taken. The report also includes information on input and objectives for future development, with the aim of strengthening the community. Participants rated this event with 4.8 out of 5 points and shared overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Particants of the 1st Space4Water Stakeholder meeting are listed below. Some of them linked their meeting slides on their profile pages.