XVIII World Water Congress

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11 - 15 Sep 2023
Shunyi Qu, China

Water is for all, including humans and nature. As a precious natural resource, water plays a vital role in meeting human needs, preserving the environment and developing our countries. Thus, water management should consider, coordinate and balance the various needs, and fundamentally achieve harmony, which embodies a dynamic, coordinated, appropriate and equitable relationship, between humans and nature.

With the theme of "Water for All: Harmony between Humans and Nature", the XVIII World Water Congress aims to promote coordination and balance between the water needs of humans and nature. The Congress will facilitate knowledge and experience sharing, focusing on investigating the relationship between water, humans and nature, identifying and reconciling all water-related factors in a coordinated manner, and making and implementing water management strategies and polices using systematic approaches.

Event Themes

Water-Human-Economy-Ecology Nexus under a Changing Environment
Promoting Water Efficiency, Productivity and Services
Building Resilience for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
Supporting Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Functions
Establishing Sustainable Water Infrastructures
Innovation for Water Governance and Management

Guoce Beijing International Convention & Exhibition
Building 20, Yard 6, Hainan Road 6,
Shunyi Qu
Beijing Shi, 101317