Water, Wastewater & Environmnetal Modelling

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13 - 14 Oct 2021

WWEM The Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring event 2021 is a virtual event that focuses on Instrumentation and services for water and wastewater process monitoring.

Some of the Topics to be Covered: 

  • Analysis for Passive Sampling
  • Automation
  • Bio Toxicity and Speciation
  • Communication
  • Data Analysis, Interpretation and Modelling
  • Field Monitoring
  • Flow, Level, Pressure
  • Metals and Nutrients
  • Microplastics/Plastics in the Environment
  • Monitoring Covid in Wastewater
  • On line and At-line analysis
  • Process Analysis and Control Technologies
  • Quality Management
  • Taste and Odour
  • Waste Water Screening

Who should attend:

  • Industry, Process operators, Environmental managers, Control and Instrument users and Planners from across all industries who test, analyse, monitor or treat water and wastewater now or in the future.
  • Policy makers and regulators from local authorities and Environment agencies
  • Scientists and academics
  • Solution providers and consultants