Space and Artificial Intelligence

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04 Sep 2020 08:55 - 17:15

ONLINE CONFERENCE, September 4th, 2020

Organized by CLAIRE and ESA, in association with ECAI2020

The ESA-CLAIRE AI Special Interest Group on Space ( is organizing its first online conference on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for applications in space technology. The conference, organized in association with ECAI2020 - The 24th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (, will be a full-day event and will take place on Friday, September 4th (a tutorial and workshop day for ECAI).

Program: The program of the event includes 5 keynote talks, as well as a panel discussion. We have 16 contributed presentations on topics concerning different AI methods (including, but not limited to, e.g., planning, machine learning) and different areas of space technology (including, but not limited to, e.g., space operations, earth observation). These include presentations of original/on-going unpublished work, as well as of recently published work.
The program of the conference is available for download in .pdf format here:


How to attend: Create a free account at You can then go directly to the Space and AI event at Space and AI is organized in association with ECAI2020 and uses the same platform (underline). Note that ECAI2020, which includes a very rich program of tutorials, workshops, keynote talks, technical sessions, ... is also accessible free of charge. To attend ECAI2020, besides creating an underline account, you also need to sign-up at You will then have access, through a nice interface, to the full ECAI2020 program, including our event in the Digital Room titled Debate Arena on the digital map (

The event will take place live in real time, following the schedule described in the program. Pre-recordings of presentations, if provided by the authors, will be only used as backup (in case of problems, pre-recorded videos (if available) will be played, rather than the presenters giving a live presentation). The keynote talks and panel discussion will not be pre-recorded. For the Q&A time, as allocated in the schedule, the speakers will answer questions live. Questions should be posed in writing, via chat, exclusively.

If you have not done so yet, please also register for our event via the link below. This lets us know who is planning to attend. Besides making our work easier, it would also allow you to receive information on similar events that we plan to organize in the future.


Keynote speakers:


  • Maxime Puteaux, Euroconsult
  • Robert Zubrin, Pioneer Astronautics
  • George Anthony Long, Legal Parallax
  • Claudia Muresan, European Commission, DG Defense Industry and Space (EC DG DEFIS)
  • Jorge Del Rio Vera, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)

Conference organizers: