16 - 20 Sep 2019
Honolulu, United States of America


As part of the decadal conference series, OceanObs’19 will galvanize ocean observing communities to improve coordination of regional and national efforts to better observe the global ocean, to better respond to the joint scientific and societal needs of a fit-for-purpose ocean observing system, and maximize the overall benefit of more integrated observing. Each conference of the OceanObs series has focused/will focus on a new area in need of enhanced guidance.OceanObs’99 resulted in an internationally coordinated system for physical climate and ocean carbon observations.OceanObs’09expanded the range of communities working together to undertake more comprehensive and sustain ocean observations and led to the Framework for Ocean Observing. OceanObs’19 will seek to better connect observers with end user communities.

Program Objectives

  • Information: how do we meet future user needs?
  • Interoperability: how can we better communicate among observing systems to deliver products for users that follow usability and other best practices across the globe?
  • Innovation: how can we spur innovation in observing technologies, products, and user services?
  • Integration: how can we balance user and operator needs, capabilities, and knowledge worldwide?



Hawaiʻi Convention Center
1801 Kalakaua Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815
United States