Groundwater: Mediterranean and Semi-Arid Regions

Groundwater: Mediterranean and Semi-Arid Regions
16 Feb 2022 11:00 - 12:00

GROUNDWATER: Mediterranean and Semi-Arid Regions

16 Feb - 1 Apr 2022 – Online Webinar

A series of webinars about the current challenges of groundwater management.

The distribution of water resources varies at regional and global scales, with intensifying shifts mainly due to population growth, rapid urbanization, higher living standards, water pollution, and changing climates. The pressure on groundwater in particular is becoming a universal challenge, but the crisis is more serious in arid and semi-arid areas. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a proper understanding of the current status of water resources, notably groundwater at the regional scale, and the potential impacts of climate change. These studies should be coupled with improved adaptation methods, governance and policy plans.

This series of webinars tackles major topics in groundwater science from salt water intrusion in coastal aquifers to managed aquifer recharge, climate change impacts on groundwater and governance. These talks intend to increase groundwater visibility and calls for a collective action for its protection. This series will be launched with a talk about the importance of groundwater education.
Webinar number (access code): 2409 122 1578
Webinar password: 2b2pXvx6Ha@.

Organised by IAH Lebanon Chapter.


Event Themes

Seminar 1 - Groundwater learning for everyone everywhere