Frontiers in Hydrology

Frontiers in Hydrology
19 - 24 Jun 2022
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Frontiers in Hydrology meeting will test innovative approaches to convene the water community, communicate science and its integration in other disciplines, and design engaging conference experiences. Leveraging collaborations between co-sponsors, the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and CUAHSI (Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc.), the conference will include engineering, urban planning, social science, and affiliated science communities.

The 2022 theme is The Future of Water and the meeting will focus around topics of environmental justice and equity, managing scarce resources, projecting the future, and simulating complex systems. These broad-based, critical topics will allow for extensive discussions on the future of the hydrologic systems in different areas of the globe and bring in multiple affected audiences.

About the Program

We want to create and encourage multidisciplinary collaborations across a broad audience, which is why this meeting will offer both in-person and remote participation to provide a more equitable and accessible conference experience. We aim to include robust programming for students and early-career participants and to offer enhanced opportunities for two-way engagement, including a series of structured debates and discussions, plus innovative session formats focused on the community. Most of the #FIHM22 session content will be selected from submitted proposals with the remaining programming, including plenaries, debates, and special sessions, curated by the FIHM Program Committee.

#FIHM22 principles include:

  • Encouraging interaction, discussion, and debate
  • Accommodating virtual presentations as much as possible

  • Creating meeting experiences that are meaningful for in-person and virtual participants

  • Encouraging diversity in conveners, presenters, and participants

  • Engaging with the local community


Event Themes

Supporting environmental justice and equity
Developing the next generation
Managing scarce resources
Designing for change
Projecting the future
Learning from observations
Simulating complex systems
Urban planning
Social science

Puerto Rico Convention Center
100 Blvr. Saint John
San Juan
Puerto Rico