FOSS4G 2019 Bucharest

26 - 30 Aug 2019
Bucharest, Romania


2006 Lausanne (Switzerland), 2007 Victoria (Canada), 2008 Cape Town (South Africa), 2009 Sydney (Australia), 2010 Barcelona (Spain), 2011 Denver (United States of America), 2013 Nottingham (United Kingdom), 2014 Portland (United States of America), 2015 Seoul (South Korea), 2016 Bonn (Germany), 2017 Boston (United States of America), 2018 Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) and 2019 Bucharest (Romania)! 

It is with great pleasure and honour that we kindly invite you to Bucharest, Romania to attend the global event of OSGeo, Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial 2019! 

Each FOSS4G has its special aura, wisely and kindly crafted by each Local Organising Committee, sharing the local culture and spirit with the greater community. It is a lovely feeling to bring your friends to your home, to show a glimpse of your country, to have a drink and a good talk in your favourite pub. We have made wonderful friends all over the world attending global and regional FOSS4Gs and we are eager to return the pleasure to our friends, as well as to make new ones that will carry on this tradition. 

In 2019,, the OSGeo Local Chapter of Romania, won the honour of organising the geospatial event of the year! We know well it will not be an easy journey, but we are well prepared. We have been preparing since FOSS4G for Central Eastern Europe in 2013 and we vow to rise to the challenge. 

We understand and cherish the importance of FOSS4G for giving voice to the daring new ideas and developments in perfect harmony with the pillars of what open source for geospatial is, and thus we promise  workshops, talks and keynotes that will provoke your mind and give you hope for a better future. 

With that in mind, visit our website regularly for new updates on how your event is shaping up!


National Theatre Bucharest
Bulevardul Nicolae Bălcescu 2
030167 Bucharest