1st Latin American & Caribbean Young Water Professionals Conference

1st Latin American & Caribbean Young Water Professionals Conference
05 - 08 Nov 2018
Querétaro, Mexico

Our Future Water is founded by Robert C. Brears, who is a consultant, author, and writer on water security, climate change resilience, and resource efficiency. Robert is bringing together current leaders, future leaders, decision-makers from politics and business as well as researchers from leading innovative scientific institutions in Germany and beyond to address water security goals. According to Germany’s Federal Environment Ministry (BMU), German water management faces new challenges: climate change, demographic trends, changes in land use, technological innovations, and shifts in consumer behavior are causing major changes to water quality and water quantity that cannot be overcome by local measures alone.  
Because these challenges are occurring in every country, water security is a matter that concerns everyone.

Event Themes

Wastewater Treatment and Reuse
Water Governance
Integrated Water Resources Management
Alternative Water Sources
Water Quality
Basins and Cities Interaction
Sustainable Industrial Water Management
Water & Politics, Water & Economics
Water Accessibility
Water Culture and Education
Climate Change and Water Resources
Emerging Technologies
Water Footprint & Virtual Water
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Querétaro Covention Center, Paseo de las Artes 1531-B
Delegación Josefa Vergara
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