Medicanes are intense and destructive mesoscale cyclones that exhibit several similarities with tropical hurricanes. They are known to occasionally strike the Mediterranean Sea” (Cavvichia et al., 2013)


Cavicchia, Leone, Hans von Storch, and Silvio Gualdi. "A long-term climatology of medicanes." Climate dynamics 43 (2014): 1183-1195.

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Climate change, dam collapses and water-borne disease: devastation in Libya caused by Storm Daniel

On September 10th of 2023, Storm Daniel made landfall in northeastern Libya, bringing torrential levels of rain and strong winds (Figure 1). This onslaught of rain caused two big dams in the region to break – the Abu Mansour dam and the Derna dam, 75 metres and 45 metres tall respectively. It is believed that the Abu Mansour dam broke first, after its reservoir was filled beyond capacity. The dam collapsed and sent a rush of water towards the Derna dam further downstream (Figure 2).