EUMeTrain is an international project, founded and financially sponsored by EUMETSAT, and dedicated to the development of satellite meteorology training resources and training methods.

The project team consists of the national meteorological services of Austria (ZAMG), Croatia (DHMZ), Finland (FMI), Germany (DWD), Portugal (IPMA) and Hungary (OMSZ).

We encourage you to participate in the project! If you have any dates for interesting case studies, general comments, ideas or questions, please mail them to

EUMeTrain is EUMETSAT's largest international training project which develops training material and supports training in the field of satellite meteorology in combination with other meteorological data sources. EUMeTrain's main goal is training and providing training material, supporting the EUMETSAT programs with special weight on hazardous weather events.

The project responds to training requirements expressed over recent years by European national meteorological services and from direct contact with meteorological trainers and operational forecasters. The principle goal of EUMeTrain is to provide users of EUMETSAT satellite data and products with training resources that will assist them to make more effective use of this satellite data, either as stand-alone material or in combination with other meteorological data sources.

The training material provided by EUMeTrain complements EUMETSAT satellite programs with special emphasis on high impact weather. Training material on the use of satellite data in support of climate monitoring, land surface, ocean and hydrological applications are also addressed.

The resource library consists of training modules, case studies and a series of lectures, some containing audio. EUMeTrain also actively invites you to take participate in online weather briefings and in event weeks, in which a general meteorological topic is discussed by experts through a series of online lectures. EUMeTrain also conducts blended learning courses on Satellite Meteorology for forecasters in Europe. All material developed in EUMeTrain makes use of state-of-the art training technologies.