Hydrological in-situ data requirements and availability

The requirements for in situ data for validation of satellite-based data products relating to water /
hydrology currently produced across the Copernicus services were identified, largely in discussion
with data developers. The availability and limitations of the available in situ data are summarised
in this report, with a view to identifying potential avenues for improving access to such data in
future. Results are summarised below across the different data types addressed. Across all of these
data types there are recommended actions on two common themes.
For short to medium term improvement there are a range of activities to help coordinate data
sharing between the Copernicus services and to match current requirements for in situ data with
data sources currently available. To improve the situation in the long-term, there is a need to define
in detail a vision for a functioning system of in situ hydrological monitoring that will support future
satellite product delivery, and to promote this via global and regional organisations coordinating
monitoring and data collation activities.
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Copernicus, EUMETNET, EuroGOOS, Lund University
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