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Roman-Gonzalez, Avid, Natalia Indira Vargas-Cuentas, and Brian Meneses. 2018. “Analysis Of Landslides In Peru Based On Satellite Images To Identify Danger Zones”. In International Astronautical Congress. https://dl.iafastro.directory/event/IAC-2018/paper/45513/.
Roman-Gonzalez, Avid, and Natalia Indira Vargas-Cuentas. 2019. “Analysis Of Harmful Algal Blooms In Lake Titicaca Using Remote Sensing”. In International Astronautical Congress. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/337945152_Analysis_of_harmful_algal_blooms_in_Lake_Titicaca_using_remote_sensing.
Roman-Gonzalez, Avid. (10/2020AD) 2020. “Flood Modeling In A Peruvian City As A Decision-Making Tool”. In International Astronautical Congress. https://dl.iafastro.directory/event/IAC-2020/paper/61162/.
Roman-Gonzalez, Avid, Brian Meneses-Claudio, and Natalia Vargas-Cuentas. 2019. “Flood Analysis In Peru Using Satellite Image: The Summer 2017 Case”. International Journal Of Advanced Computer Science And Applications 10 (2). The Science and Information Organization. doi:10.14569/IJACSA.2019.0100246.