Hydrodynamic model

"Hydrodynamic models are mathematical models that provide a physical basis for simulating a wide range of flow situations and sediment transport. These models simulate water movement by solving governing equations, which are formulated based on the laws of physics. St.Venant equations are applied to calculate the space-time variation of water level and flow in rivers. Channel roughness is a significant parameter for calibrating and validating hydrodynamic models, which plays a crucial role in the modelling of natural rivers human health, and are critical to sustainable economic development". (Jahandideh-Tehrani et al., 2020)


Jahandideh-Tehrani, M., Helfer, F., Zhang, H. et al. "Hydrodynamic modelling of a flood-prone tidal river using the 1D model MIKE HYDRO River: calibration and sensitivity analysis". Environmental Monitoring and Assessments, 192, 97 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10661-019-8049-0