Microgravity Environment Research

"Microgravity is expressed as a fraction of g (from 10^-2 to 10^-6 g).  
 Scientific research in microgravity allows us to ask some important questions. What happens to basic physical, chemical and biological processes in the absence of this directional force? What does this teach us about the processes in the universe, on our Earth and even inside bodies? Can these insights lead to greater awareness and technological improvements?

There are many different platforms for performing scientific or technological experiments in microgravity. The most obvious examples are manned or unmanned platforms in orbit above the Earth. [...] Terrestrial-based options include sounding rockets, parabolic flights and drop towers." (ESA, 2019)


"Microgravity and drop towers". Space for Education, ESA. 2019.
Accessed February 20, 2019.