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Mozaika, The Humanizing Technologies Lab, provides research and development in the field of data science, natural interfaces (human-computer interaction), knowledge management and human insight. At Mozaika we are trying to leverage data science with natural interfaces to provide solutions tailored to human behavior, attitudes and comprehension. The company specializes in building information infrastructures that serve a variety of applications in data as a service or intelligence as a service modes. Our solutions are either human user facing or modules of larger systems.

We cover verticals like business information delivery, human resources management, cultural heritage, water management, earth observation for AI, historical archives, content mapping, research infrastructures for the humanities, and intent to expand into Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities. Our scientific methods are geared towards hybrid approaches of mixing logical and numeric reasoning, for example semantic web and deep learning, interactivity mixing semantic search and geospatial navigation. The European Space Agency, the French Embassy in Bulgaria, Rittal GmbH, Infeurope S.A., Sofia Municipality count amongst our clients.

We partner with public and private organizations and Academia in Europe and North America. All projects of Mozaika have technologically an innovative edge and abide to principles of human-centric design. The team is composed of software engineers, graphic designers, business analysts and promoters, scientists.

ISME-HYDRO is a coomprehensive solution of Mozaika that offers a complete water resources management solution able to semantically integrate data from different machine or human readable sources, employ intelligent algorithms for forecasting, alerting, and human-facing interactivity, implements architecture that ensures easy customization and extendibility.

IndustryInform is an innovative Data As A Service service that simplifies the way business owners, managers and manufacturers get industry data and develop their business. It meets needs for market development, competition analysis, review of a particular economic sector, marketing research, finance, related people, by providing monthly reports about various industrial sectors of the Bulgarian economy, key players in them and the circumstances that drive their markets, and a set of tens of millions separate information units of Bulgarian companies in the industrial sector, that can be easily searched and retrieve detailed statistics, sales forecasts, market share, production data, and more. The information infrastructure underlying IndustryInform service can be easily fed with data from other countries and economies.

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