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National Mission for Clean Ganga Dept. of WR, RD & GR Ministry of Jal Sakti
Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium
1st Floor, National Stadium, India gate
New Delhi 110002

About Bhuvan Ganga App

Bhuvan Ganga App is ISRO’s mobile application developed to enable public to collect and report information on various pollution sources that affects the water quality of river Ganga. This mobile app will provide a platform for crowd sourcing to monitor pollution in river Ganga and enable decision makers at National Mission for Cleaning Ganga (NMCG) under Ministry of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation, Government of India to prioritize interventions. The app has provision to collect information regarding Urban Sewage, Semi-urban/Rural Sewage, Natural Drains/Nallas, Industrial Waste Water, Solid Waste Disposal or any other pollution source.

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The main features of the app are:

  1. collecting location information using mobile device GPS,
  2. taking photograph of the location (two photos),
  3. adding the attribute information about pollution source and
  4. sending the collected information to Bhuvan Ganga web server, either immediately or later.

The app also has option to edit attributes or delete collected observations saved for send later or unsent data-set in the mobile device. It has provision to tag user profile to each observation. The sent observations can be visualized by officials of NMCG in near real time at field data visualization session of Bhuvan Geo-portal.

The collected field information can be visualized by public after due moderation by NMCG.

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