Write an article or story on the user of space-based technology for water



We seek the support of online volunteers to write success stories and news articles on the use of space technologies for any field which is concerned with water, e.g. water management, water cycle management, water-related topics within the realms of climate-change or ecosystems, and all subfields. The stories and articles shall be published on this newly developed web portal of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. The main focus of the stories shall be the benefits, which space technologies bring to the respective water-related field, the insights gained, data used, etc.  The text shall be 400-800 words long and its voice shall be targeted to the general public. If possible, two high quality images (1920 x 800 px resolution minimum) related to the story shall be submitted, or a link to an online video, along with the credits and permission to publish the article and media material (see file download below).


Topics to be covered can be within, but are not limited to the following:

  • All space technologies with benefits to water research or mangement
  • Other technologies applicable to generate knowledge on water such as artificial intelligence / machine learning
  • Geospatial Standards
  • Sea level rise
  • Water supply/fresh water access
  • Ocean temperature monitoring
  • Acidification of oceans: How space could contribute to the monitoring of acidification
  • Water pollution: e.g. oil spill in oceans – How space could support to detect oil spill in oceans
  • Smelting of mountain glaciers
  • Disaster management:
    • Forecasting floods
    • Forecasting tsunamis
  • The water energy nexus
  • Water cycles
  • Permafrost
  • Monitoring sea ice thickness and type
  • Agriculture (how water management through space can contribute)


The successful applicant will have strong writing and editing skills and background knowledge in space technologies or water management. Experience in writing stories and articles for the United Nations, demonstrated through previous projects is an asset. Please include links to samples of work in your application.