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Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology Pantnagar
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About Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology Pantnagar

G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, also known as Pantnagar University, is the first agricultural university in India. The University lies in the campus town of Pantnagar in Kichha Tehseel and in the district of Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand. The university is regarded as the harbinger of the Green Revolution in India. Pantnagar University is regarded as a significant force in the development and transfer of High Yielding Variety of seeds and related technology. The university utilised its 16,000 acres of land to launch one of the largest seed production programs, under the brand name Pantnagar Seeds, which became a household name in rural India. Currently, the University campus at Pantnagar is spread over an area of 12,661-acre (51.24 square km) which makes it the second largest university in the world, in terms of contiguous area.

The academic activities of the university are organised through its nine constituent colleges (faculties), which run large undergraduate (UG) programs. All Masters and PhD students are part of the College of Post Graduate Studies; however, they have a strong association with one of the other colleges as per their academic major. The QS World University Rankings of 2019 ranked G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology 137 among BRICS nations. The main campus lies in Udham Singh Nagar district of Uttarakhand at 29 N latitude and 79 E longitude at an elevation of 243.8 m above the mean sea level. This main campus has the area responsible for the entire Uttarakhand representing plains, Tarai, Bhabar, and hill areas.

The university departments include Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, and Civil Engineering which are actively engaged in teaching research and extension-based activities related to water resource management. The space-based techniques are being actively used by the university for natural resource management. 

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