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South Africa

About Digital Earth Africa

Digital Earth Africa is empowering countries across Africa with Earth observation to enable climate adaptation and mitigation, greater food security and more sustainable development.

DE Africa offers an operational data infrastructure making current and historical, analysis-ready satellite data freely available and openly accessible for the entire continent. This further enables turning raw data into decision-ready products to inform policy and drive action.

Working closely with the AfriGEO community, and implementing partners in Africa from AFRIGIST (Nigeria), AGRHYMET Regional Centre (Niger), RCMRD (Kenya), CSE (Senegal) and OSS (Tunisia), Digital Earth Africa has been responsive to the information needs, challenges and priorities of the African continent. Digital Earth Africa is building on existing capacity to enable the use of Earth observations to address key challenges across the continent.

DE Africa will improve our understanding of Africa’s changing landscape, providing much needed insights, knowledge and analysis for more informed, strategic and inclusive decision making across the continent. This information will benefit policy makers and public officials, enabling them to make better decisions, and will increase commercial efficiency and economic growth for businesses and entrepreneurs across the continent.

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