Collaborating actors (stakeholders, professionals, young professionals or Indigenous voices)
Suggested solution

Assessment of the challenge

  • Need more data about the location of the community and their usage of water
  • Split the challenge into a “glacier” and a down-stream challenge
  • No up-to-date weather data available since 2011
  • Discharge and temperature, rainfall and snow data available
  • Digital elevation surface and terrain model available

Outline steps to a solution & status

  1. Inventory of the snow cover and watershed area (completed)
  2. Build a regression model to assess the relationship between snow melt, temperature and discharge (to do)
  3. Hec-ras for flood modelling (to do)
  4. Use climate change projections to predict future discharge and flood extents (to do)
  5. Downstream impact analysis of hydro-power and agriculture (to do)





  • Weather station
  • Snow monitoring (snow depth sensor)
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