Guidelines on Writing News Articles and Success Stories

  • Title and a lead-in sentence.
  • 2 high quality photos (1920 x 800px minimum)
  • Total length 400 - 800 words.
  • Include one expert’s quote, ideally not a staff member of your organization in order to demonstrate the impact of the work. Quotes from external professionals provide an important element of credibility that is harder to achieve through internal quotes. When quoting staff, the quotes should focus on supporting the story while being understandable to a non-technical/bureaucratic reader.

Within the story or article, answer the following:

  • Why do you write about this now / what happened?
  • Why would people beyond the immediate set of stakeholders be interested? The fact that a conference or workshop took place is unlikely to qualify on its own.
  • What are / have been / will be the results achieved?
  • What is the message, i.e. the most important point you would like the article to communicate?
  • Are there any external parties you could mention, in order to present the story with external validation?
  • Did you also look for a human element, on-the-ground beneficiaries involved and the tangible impact(s) on their lives?

The target audience is the non-technical but interested general public. We cannot assume familiarity with the topic, the project and recent developments. The objective is to provide enough context for the reader to recognize the significance of the issues without burdening the reader with too many details.

The story should have an objective tone. For instance, we cannot say something is ‘significant’ without attributing this value judgment to someone.

1. Introduction

2. Move on to a project /organization description or if the organization which has a profile on our portal link to it.

3. ...

4. ...