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I live in the east coastal area of southern India and my Suburban town gets flooded quite often even after receiving a little amount of rain. The place is called Cuddalore and located in the north eastern part of Tamilnadu. The town was hit by a tsunami in the year of Dec, 2004 and purged the lives of innumerable fishermen community. In addition to that disastrous event, the town gets battered by cyclones every monsoon. Some examples are the Thane cyclone, Gaja cyclone, nivar cyclone, etc., The people here have experienced some of the most disastrous flood episodes and lose their livelihood more often. The drainage system isn't constructed well and that deals the water to get stagnated in major roads and flood areas blocking transportation and cutting of supply of essentials to the villages. Agriculture is one of the predominant activities of the district and it is heavily weakened during the monsoons and/or any episodes of rainfall. The government tries to resolve to the issue by just providing fake promises, free menial goods and temporary solutions. The town and the people are facing this kind of problems for more than two decades now, but in vain. If the drainage system and rainwater harvesting is done in a larger scale in a town like this (where groundwater source is abundant), the water can be portable to even the next districts and the problem of famine and floods can be easily mitigated

The aim: What does a desired situation addressing the above-described situation/problem look like?

During the rainy days officials, students, farmers, teachers etc., find it really tough to reach their destinations on right time. Traffic jam is heavy and accidents occur frequently. Due to the waste water stagnated on the roads and any potholes, diseases tend to spread quickly and in addition to that insects and reptiles tend to take up warmth in the domestic households. Grasshoppers become more prominent destroying crops.

What do you think are potential solutions?

A proper sewage system, a water drainage system, proper construction of roads as well as rain water harvesting.

What resources would you have available to help address the above-described problem? (e.g. time, budget, technical means available locally...)

Technical means. I'm an engineer and a researcher and I can come up with potential plans and mitigation processes and recruit like-minded and potential students/professionals in the projects to successfully implement it.

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